Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Look at our little sweetie pies!

Long Post Warning - I wanted to get the whole story written down, so scroll down for pictures of the kids if you don't want to read the whole story!

Kayla made her arrival an unforgettable one for us and the hospital. We arrived at 6:30 or 6:40 at the hospital and the ER staff just laughed, apparently 20 women (or it seemed like to them) had come in to deliver that night. When we got to the floor, they put me in a tiny room to sit until there was a delivery room available. Since my babies come fairly quickly, the nurse moved me to the OR so that I could have some privacy and could lay down. She checked me and I was about a 4 or 5 but she did say that the baby was sitting low. The contractions were getting very strong, but I was in line for an epidural and it would be a little while until I could get one. I thought it was going to be a long day if I was only a 5 and the contractions were that bad already....little did we know...

The nurse found an empty delivery room and went and cleaned it herself so that I could move over. When she came back she had me move to a wheelchair but I was in so much pain I could barely move. I sat in the chair and it felt like I sat on a waterballoon because my water broke and went everywhere. I just remember saying I needed to push and the nurse telling me to not push yet and then everyone was panicing to get me across the hall quickly to the delivery room without slipping on the water all over the floor. (Marc included) :)

They had me lay in the bed and the Dr. was throwing on his robes quickly and I felt an incredibly strong urge to push so I pushed and then everyone just kept telling me to give one more little push. I couldn't figure out why they would say "little" they never tell you to only give a "little" push. I hadn't realized that the 1st push was her head and the little push was the rest of her. Needless to say I was in shock for the next few hours that I had really delivered a baby. I went from a 5 to delivery in 15 minutes! It was crazy, exciting, and unforgettable for our family! She's such a blessing already, she's happy and she sleeps well! I definitely am blessed to have this sweet family of mine!!!

Kayla was born the day before Tyler's birthday (yes that's what happened with Brinley and Braden too - go figure???) Tyler loves Kayla despite his grumpy face in this picture. He was just extremely tired, but I loved this picture, so it's included here. Happy 2nd birthday Tyler!!!! We love you bud!

Braden is our little "protector" for Kayla. He is in charge of making sure Tyler doesn't poke or prod her when we're not looking. He is so cute with her, he calls her "little cutie." He's getting so big, he starts Kindergarten this year!

Brinley is Kayla's 2nd mom - although she would argue she's the 1st mom and I'm 2nd. :) She is definitely a little "me" I remember my mom having to remind me that she was the mom! Brinley is extremely helpful, she will sit and hold Kayla forever and she loves to help feed her. She is also good at protecting from Tyler. Don't get us wrong, Tyler has good intentions he just isn't gentle as he pokes her eyes or tries to "hug" her.


Lanay said...

Shay I miss you guys! Kayla is beautiful!

The Williams Family said...

That is such a special story! You will be glad you recorded it. Brinley looks 2 cute with the baby!

Larsens said...

What a great birth story! Kayla is beautiful. So happy for you all!

Ashley said...

Wow Shaylyn! I didn't even know your were pregnant :) I can't believe you have 4 kids now. How are you? How is CA? Your kids are so, so cute!!! Miss you!

Marly said...

Nice going Shay! I can't believe there were so many who came in before you.
When you said they wanted you in a wheelchair I just shook my head :) Sitting still how people want you to sit is not always possible in labor. You're awesome and congrats!

Trimble said...

So happy for you! :)

Natalie Ropelato said...

Shay, she is adorable!!! And I can't believe how big your kids are getting :( It has been way to long since I've seen them, lol. You have a cute family. Congratulations!!!

Charise said...

My darling friend!
I am so crazy happy for you! What a beautiful group of babies you have. I am so thrilled for you.
You are a dream come true kind of mom. Those four darlings are so lucky to get to have you for their mom.
I love you, I miss you!