Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What a crack up!

Tonight at dinner Brinley was telling us that her friend Gavin has a cool "Cars" clock on his wall. She then went on to tell us that she wants a princess clock on her wall. She has seen them at the store. But I told her that you have to have money to get one at the store. So I asked her if she had any money and she looked at me funny and said no. So I told her that she has to have money before she can get her a princess clock. (Thinking this would be the end of the conversation). Then she said "I've got a good idea, how about you give me some money so I can get the clock." Me and Marc started laughing, it was hilarious...her and her good ideas. I swear we have to cross these bridges so young with her. I can't (actuallly I can) wait to see what kind of teenager she'll be.

There's a big baby on the way!

I had a routine ultra sound on Monday to check on the baby, and guess what...he's already 8 lbs 9 oz!!!! I still have 3 1/2 weeks to go. So I will be getting induced early if he doesn't come on his own. I know that's not a huge baby, but considering Brinley was 7 lbs and Braden was 6 lbs 8 oz, that seems gigantic to me. I'm excited! And we will for sure post when our little one comes.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What should we name our baby?

As many of you know, Marc is impossible to work with when it comes to boy names. So, today he finally agreed to broaden his horizons and said ok to some names. Here they are, we are looking for your opinions. You can vote for more than one if there's more than one that you like. The middle name is going to be David so you know how the name will sound all together. Thanks for any input you can share!!!! And to those of you who have kids with these or similar names, let me know if that bugs you, but I figure I am taking what I can get from Marc. :)

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Fun!

Okay, so it's been awhile, but I am alive and the baby is still kicking inside. I am currently 34 1/2 weeks - but if things go like my other two, I could have this baby in about 3 fingers are crossed). I'm again overwhelmed with the blogging that I want to do. So here's a revised versions of some of the things we've done this summer. I'll try to stay on top of things better. Thanks for the concern all you wonderful friends out there! :) Or at least the annoyance with my not writing :)

I love this picture! We went to San Diego with my friend Charise and her family over Memorial Day weekend. On our way home we stopped at the San Diego Temple. This picture shows the tender joys of being an Eternal Family is we're good! This one also does - minus Brinley's grumpy face. They were tired after a long weekend of playing with no naps. But it's still a cute picture.
This is a much better picture of Brinley. Marc had these waffle blocks when he was a kid and I guess now as a big kid. We currently have 3 sets so that he (I mean the kids:) can play more creatively and build bigger. The kids also love the juice drinks - they also get that from their dad.
Braden LOVES WATERMELON! Marc chapperoned a youth dance and came home with this whole container full of watermelon. We knew we couldn't finish it before it went bad, so we let Braden have free reign. He was in heaven with all the "triangles." He also started in with "all mine." He would share the triangles (missing one corner) with Brinley. Luckily she didn't seem to notice or mind.
Okay since you have all seen the pictures of Brinley with her blanket fettish, here's her new thing. It cracks me up, I keep laughing out loud just looking at the pictures again. She gets herself and her babies all situated for anything. We for sure love the dish towel under the Minnie Mouse hat, with the skirt around her neck and you can't tell but that's a dish towel tucked in her back as a cape. And of course she always puts on her church shoes too. She's such a crack up with her phases. I'll try to keep you all posted as she goes through each one. Luckily there's been no battle to go in public like this yet....knock on wood! :) I"m sure you'll all see soon enough.

Okay, my friend Lisa did a very cute slide show of a little getaway we did with our mommy's group a couple of times this summer. One of our friends parents have a beach house that they let us come and stay at for a couple of days (Thanks again Charise). The kids loved playing together constantly and us moms loved just sitting and socializing. It was also during the really hot days this summer, so it's always cooler at the beach.