Thursday, March 27, 2008

I figured it out! Surprise!

Okay the reason I was giving for not blogging is that our camera won't connect with the computer to download the pictures. TaDa!!!! Today I figured out how to go through Marc's palm pilot by myself. Yeah!!!!! Okay so I'll have to come up with another excuse when i don't keep on top of my blogging! :) Or wait....maybe I should just blog!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This was our St. Patrick's Day lunch! Yum! A Leprechaun came and changed all of our food to GREEN! It was fun, and just so if you can't tell, it's macaroni & cheese, grapes, broccoli, and cottage cheese. I have to admit the cheese did turn out a little funny looking, but the kids ate it up. Definitely a fun tradition from my mom, althrough usually we had green spagetti noodles (worms) and spagetti sauce (not green). :)

Little "huggies"

I don't even know when this was taken, Marc must have done it. Again, our little bud's having fun together! Don't get me wrong, they still fight and spend their fair share of time in time-out. But we're getting there.

Little Buddy's

This has been a common position I have found them in lately. They are becoming great bud's. It's very cute. Brinley will hop up to watch a movie, and a few minutes later I'll find Braden right by her side, sharing a blanket with her. It's very fun! It's also nice that they can entertain each other more. I hope that this will make a new baby less traumatizing, Braden will already have a good friend besides mom. What sweethearts!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's a Boy!!

We're expecting our 3rd child - due August 22nd! We are very excited. Braden is a little oblivious, he points to his crib and says baby. He (for the first time) pointed to my stomache this morning and said baby. We are hoping that he will be okay with our new arrival, he loves babies, but he's also a mamma's boy. It should be fun! Brinley is so excited for a baby, every day she asks if she can hold it when he comes out. I think she's going to be great with the gets me very excited. Her only hold up at this point is that she wants a girl. When we called both Grandma's and Grandpa's today, she told them that "Mommy's having a boy, and I'm having a girl." Whatever keeps her happy. Luckily we have a little system going. She wants a baby in her tummy really bad. So, we told her that when she grows up and gets married in the temple, she can then have a baby in her tummy. She repeats it all the time with excitement! It's great! She also is having issues with thinking that she's the boss. So we've added to the list, only mommy's are the boss. So when she grows up and gets married in the temple, she can have a baby in her tummy and then she can be the boss. She has so much to look forward to in her future. I love it! Unfortunately the boss thing is still in the works.

Family Pictures at the Beach

We had our family pictures by Lanay and she did awesome! They were taken for our Christmas pictures, but they're the only pictures I have to post right now. So, take what you can get , sorry if you've already seen these. It's a great setting for our pictures because we do love going to the beach. Luckily Braden is afraid of the waves this year, last year he would head straight for them, it was a little crazy. Brinley also realized that she can write in the sand. Writing is her favorite thing to do. She likes to send "emails" (letters in the mail) to her Grandma's, with her recent drawings of people. They are darling, maybe I'll take a picture of one for you all to see.