Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random pictures

As you can see he's feeding himself more these days and loving it! He just has a hard time getting it all in his mouth - but I love the way the orange brings out his eyes :) Again with the orange - Brinley loves to put her headband on him - I must say he'd make a darling little girl too. He's so happy!

We went to the Yucaipa Easter Egg Hunt with Marc's parents - the kids had fun! Always a good time with Grandma and Grandpa. This was Tyler's first Easter too! I think he loved it :)
It's funny - he's so happy in this picture, but he did not like the Johnny jump-up! We ended up sending it to the DI but he loved having all these stuffed animals at his feet. (obviously Braden's doing). Again - so happy!

My little Mickey Mouses! What cuties - I love them sooooooo much!

I am so blessed with such a sweet family, they bring so much joy to my life. The Lord knows what we need in life to make us happy - we just need to be sure that we're looking for it and recognizing it! I am so grateful that I get to be with them forever - if I'm good!


Bethany said...

that pic of Tyler eating is hilarious! your kids are so cute! glad to see you blogging again! :<)

Cody and Sharice said...

I love the one of him eating his food, it kind of looks like he got into some really bad tanning lotion! LOL so cute! Your kids are adorable! Looks like things are going well for you and your cute fam!

Hancocks said...

I cannot believe how blue Tyler's eyes look! That picture is hilarious!!!

Lanay said...

Shay, you've got to promise me you'll try to blog more then once every 6 months...I want to see some pics of you guys since I'm not going to be around any more! sniff sniff.