Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Father Sons Campout

Yes, Braden and 6'6" Marc slept in this tent together! Marc loves this tent and where it's only 1 night and not so cold, he took it again this year. (when he got home he did say that we need to get a bigger tent for next year :)) Apparently it rained a little, and you know what happens when you touch the walls of a tent when it rains .... in their case they had no choice but to touch the walls. :)
Marc is such a cute dad! He said they had a lot of fun, and I think Braden came home probably the cleanest out of all the kids...especially considering it had rained. If you know Marc, you know how he hates to get dirty. But he said they had a great time, and I think the look on Braden's face proves it! What a cute kid!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm cold...

I have no picture, but Marc told me a story about Brinley that I thought was hilarious and I don't want to forget. The other night I was gone and Marc made the kids macaroni and cheese. Brinley kept telling Marc that her arms were so cold. So Marc told her the macaroni would make her arms warm. The next thing he knows she's spooning macaroni onto her arms. He was about to get upset, then he realized, she was using the macaroni to make her arms warm just like he had said. Then he apologized to her and said that she needed to eat it and it would make the inside of her warm. :) So hilarious, it's like when Elise was little and my mom bought a bag of Chip Ahoy with sprinkles. Elise took one bite and looked around disappointed and my mom asked her what was wrong. She just said, where's the party? We realized that the advertisement on TV said "A party in every bite," and there would literally be be a party on the commercial. That's the fun of having special needs sisters, they can vocalize the thoughts of young kids. How many kids have been disappointed eating Chips Ahoy in their life!