Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mommy's Little Helpers

The kids love Tyler so much and they love to hold him. Brinley especially loves to hold him "on my shoulder" and Braden loves to hold him generally no longer than 2-3 seconds (literally). At least that way I don't have to sit by him too long to protect Tyler.

My cute boys!

Tyler enjoying the lounge w/Brinley

Tyler not enjoying the lounging with Braden


Diana said...

It is so nice that they LOVE him. You can never have enough help.

Darci said...

Brinley is going to be the perfect mother!

Trimble said...

So cute!

Lanay said...

Ha! Your kids crack me up. Brinley is such a sweetie.

Marly said...

wow, look at her holding him. My boys are lucky to not drag Sabine around by her neck :p