Monday, September 8, 2008

Look how cute!

Here's a couple of pictures with Tyler awake. He has just started smiling. He smiled once for me on Saturday morning, and again today for Grandma. We have yet to get it on camera though.

Got Milk???

Here are the kids with their favorite babies, this is the baby that Braden has been carrying around everywhere. It's actually really cute, it gave us a little taste of how Braden was going to be with Tyler before he came. We just got a little nervous when he would drag it by a foot or chuck across the room when he was done playing with it. Normally he would sit with his arm around it on the couch. It was darling.

This one is a little random, but this was Marc loading up our car on Labor day. I thought it was just a funny sight. But we had a great weekend. Marc's parents invited us to come stay at their time share on Sunday night. We played games, ate great food, played in the sand at the beach, and the kids enjoyed swimming with everyone in the pool. I also got a lot of sleep with all the help there. It was a perfect weekend!


Trimble said...

So cute! I especially like daddy's little "helper" in the bottom pic. :) Hey, do you know how Liz is doing?

Lanay said...

That picture of marc totaly cracks me up, what a goofball! We love you guys.

Jace and Heidi said...

Too Cute! That picture of "Dad" is WAY too familiar! You have some cute kids!

Diana said...

Your baby is so cute! I think he totally looks like Mark.