Monday, September 29, 2008

Grandma Hansen's Visit

My mom came to visit after Tyler was born. She was wonderful! She helped with everything around the house and with the kids. They had so much fun with her here (I did too - she's my emotional support - even Marc will tell me to "go call your mom" when he knows I'm irrationally emotional and I just need to talk to another woman). So needless to say it was a wonderful week for all of us.

Making cookies is always funner with Grandma - she lets you make them whatever size you want and wherever you want on the pan. (Yes they went in just as you see them). She also lets you layer on the frosting and just dump on the sprinkles. They were so excited!
But not nearly as excited as when they "grew doughnuts" with Grandma. It was the cutest thing I would recommend it to anyone to try. My mom brought a little baggie of cheerios and told the kids that they were doughnut seeds. She had the kids fill up cups with dirt and they "planted" the seeds and added water. She also had them each color a tongue depresser and stick it in there for the doughnut to grow on. We had intentions to leave it overnight, but didn't have the patience. So while they were playing in the living room, my mom stuck a doughnut on each stick and we called the kids in to come and see that they had grown. It was as exciting as Christmas! (See the video)
Brinley refused to take the doughnut off of the stick, she kept saying "look at how beautiful my doughnut is" (as if it were a flower). Braden however did not hesitate - he just ate the doughnut. This is definitely a new tradition with Grandma that will last!
My 1st child enjoying his "doughnut." I think he liked this tradition as well. He probably also liked having a home cooked meal every night while my mom was here too.


Lanay said...

That is the best idea. I will be trying that one when Grant can understand.

Trimble said...

What a great idea!

Diana said...

Mom's are the best. What a fun idea! I hope my kids think highly of me the way I do of my Mom!

Bethany said...

your mom is full of great ideas!! you guys should write a book and publish it - seriously, I remember the enrichment night you did about games - good ideas!!

Natalie Ropelato said...

I'm going to have to do that with my kids. That is a darling idea. Congratulations, Tyler is so cute! Dave and I just made a blog and I'm just getting into all of this, so I was so excited to find your blog so I could see how cute your family is. It has been awhile since I've seen any of you guys.

val said...

Hello Shaylynn! It is Candice- long time no see. I just found Natalie's blog and then found yours! Your kids are adorable- congratulations on new little Tyler.