Friday, April 25, 2008

"Like Mommy"

This is a first for Braden - make up! He was hiding behind the recliner with my makeup. Luckily the mess was not too bad. But when I went to wash his face, he put his hand on his cheek to cover it up and said "Noooo, like mommy." Okay, so it was darling, but I hope that's now how my makeup looks! :)


K&B Brown said...

Taking care of babies and wearing make-up are both things that aren't really surprising because he spends so much time with Mommy (and I am sure Daddy takes care of babies but I hope he doesn't wear make-up).

Marc and Shay said...

Not that I know of...but then again he is coffee ice cream.:)

Stacie said...

I just love his cute little face! The make-up looks great, what are you talking about? Just kidding!