Friday, April 25, 2008

Braden's new best friend

These are our home teachers. They are great, and now my kids are in love with them. This is Braden refusing to sit anywhere but right next to Aaron. He had to go through every picture on the Look and Find book. During the lesson, Braden kept tapping Aaron to show him more pictures and when I told him he needed to be quiet and listen, he started whispering as he tapped Aaron. It was hilarious! He had no concept of "he's busy" but what kid does huh? Luckily Aaron was great at just picking up where he left off after finding Elmo and Winnie the Pooh. And during the prayer, Braden was snuggling up to him, what a Cutie!


Trimble said...

That's great that he actually LIKES when the home teachers come. Most children aren't really happy about that and I can say that from personal experience. ;)

Marc and Shay said...

Yeah, they're great home teachers. They don't seem bugged by the kids short attention span. It's great! I hope it stays that way for a least a little while.