Saturday, March 15, 2008

Family Pictures at the Beach

We had our family pictures by Lanay and she did awesome! They were taken for our Christmas pictures, but they're the only pictures I have to post right now. So, take what you can get , sorry if you've already seen these. It's a great setting for our pictures because we do love going to the beach. Luckily Braden is afraid of the waves this year, last year he would head straight for them, it was a little crazy. Brinley also realized that she can write in the sand. Writing is her favorite thing to do. She likes to send "emails" (letters in the mail) to her Grandma's, with her recent drawings of people. They are darling, maybe I'll take a picture of one for you all to see.


Jace and Heidi said...

Those pictures are soooo good! And adorable!! What cute kids! What a cute mom and dad! Families are so fun!

johnson5 said...

The pictures are so dang cute!! You are so lucky to be able to have the beach as a back drop!! I love it!

The Clevelands said...

Finally more pics!! and they are sooooOOOOOooooo flippin cute!!

Darrell said...

Hey Shaylyn,
I found your blog via Diana Larsen's blog. These pictures are AWESOME! It was fun to see you at Disneyland last November. We're desperately dreaming of being able to return again soon and maybe bump into you again. Who took these picts--a sister, friend?
Anne Mauerman